Whether it’s the chili ladies in San Antonio or the King Ranch casserole, Texas has been defined by its shared culture of hospitality and can-do attitude. On ranches across Texas, vaqueros and cowboys sat down together sharing a table and a hot meal off a wood burning grill – simple food done well. Vamonos takes its inspiration from classic Texas ranch meals – the culture of sharing grilled meats, salsas and tequila together. We’re helping define what it means for all of us to be from here. We looked to the Rio Grande, Big Bend, Texas summers and never ending Texas blue skies for our authentic inspiration. When you’re looking to explore and experience what it means to be a Texan, think of us. Like the spirit that drove us across the mountains, deserts and shared tables of Texas, we’re bringing the culture, the classics and the simple and easy joy back to the table – we believe good tortillas off the Comal are a given right! Join us and embrace the energy and spirit of “Let’s Go!” or ¡Vamonos!

Handmade Puffy Tacos – choice of picadillo beef, chicken tinga or frijoles, Oaxaca & jack cheese, served with arroz y frijoles

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