Our restaurant experience started different than most. My daughter Arabia had eczema when she was a toddler.  We learned that was due to the food that we were eating and changed our diet to eat mainly organic. Then, we lived in Chicago where there was many health food stores and restaurants. Shortly we move to Killeen,Texas where there was none. Being an entrepreneur at heart I saw a need to have an organic restaurant and market. It took several years for this venture to come to fruition. In 2013, we opened So Natural Organic Restaurant and Market. We were the first full service organic restaurant in our area that offered vegan, gluten-free, keto and paleo options. We offered these items because we wanted everyone that walked into our restaurant to feel welcomed no matter what their food preferences were. We are veteran owned and family run. In 2016, we were featured on Food Networks Restaurant Impossible. It was an amazing experience. After five years of running the business, we decided to close the restaurant portion of the restaurant. Our new business model includes catering, meal prep, cooking classes, juice detox and event venue rental (it is beautiful, Restaurant Impossible did a great job!).
We are known for our macaroni and cheese,  black bean veggie burgers, jerk chicken and ginger lemonade. We have received voted the best and one of the best in many categories through the Killeen Daily Herald. We received KWTX clean plate award twice. This award awarded to restaurants that do exceptionally well on the health inspections. We were featured again on Food Networks Restaurant Impossible in February 2020. Chef Robert Irvine wanted to catch up with us and learn what we were up to. Once he found out that we were teaching Killeen ISD special needs students employability skills, he was proud. 

You should order from us because we are open and willing to accommodate your food preference and our food tastes delicious! Plus by supporting us you are supporting your neighbor that want to do good in our community.

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