Poke Bowls originated as a street food in Hawaii. Freshly caught tuna would be prepped and tossed in shoyu, sesame oil, onions & some Hawaiian seaweed and sold in small containers with rice at every 7-11, local markets and even gas stations! 

As Poke made its way to the mainland, the concept has evolved into a modern & healthier way to enjoy sushi. Best part is, Poke can be keto friendly, gluten free or made to fit almost any type of healthy diet & lifestyle. Fresh fish provides an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids which are great for your brain, the miso base & kimchi are awesome for gut health, the seaweed is good for your thyroid and quinoa is great source of fiber. 

We squeeze lemons everyday and make our own lemonades from scratch. Our strawberry lemonade is made with FRESH strawberries blended with our old fashioned lemonade. We also have a refreshing cucumber lemonade and tart blueberry lemonade.

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