Chef Rene Helit is a Filipino chef who is born and raised in Guam. He carries a degree in Culinary Arts and brought his training towards the cruise ship life in Hawaii. He has excelled in so many ways during his 2 years in Hawaii and now bring his flavors to Austin, TX. For almost a decade into professionally cooking, he focuses on international cuisines so he has a wide variations of foods for you and your guests to try! 


He does private dinners for those birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays all in a 3-5 coursed fine dining setting. He does small in-home parties for those casual, any reason, type of parties in forms of buffet style or his famous Kamayan Feast! (Kamayan Feast is from his Filipino culture where you and your guest surround a table covered in banana leaves and have a colorful variety of foods present! You eat as a community, group of friends, or families with your hands so you can all experience something unique from another culture!) Lastly, chef does weekly meal preps for all his gym going or health conscious clients. 


Chef will touch base with his clients on new foods, most diets, most cuisines, or anything the clients’ want. His menus are customable in anyways that’s limited to what we have locally and to the limit to his abilities. Have you ever thought of having a cruise line chef cook for you and your guests? You should consider it and experience new foods and flavors with Chef Rene Helit.

Owner, Rene B. Helit Jr.

**Personal Chef **

(C) 808-635-6730

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