My name is Heidi and my husband and I created BestBakes! in 2012. I’ve loved to bake since being in the kitchen with my Nana so starting my own business was a given. We specialize in using organic, farm fresh ingredients using only the highest quality. BestBakes! is best known for our Texas pecan chocolate chip cookies, made using three types of chocolate chips and mammoth pecans. BestBakes! other top sellers include “The Original” cake which is our play on vanilla. We mingle some homemade vanilla bean with the perfect touch of almond. We hope you choose to order from us because our priority is our customers and we show that with the amount of love and organic ingredients that we use! 

Features miniature versions of my best sellers such as chocolate chip pecan cookies, dark chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! It also features a few of my BestBakes triple chocolate brownies.

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