Arepa Dealers is located in the heart of downtown Austin inside Cuatro Gato Cafe for dine in, pick up, and to go orders. Their food is also available at Coconut Club and Neon Grotto via cheqout QR code, grab a disco snack while you enjoy a cocktail on the rooftop bars. Indoor and out seating available at all 3 venues. The Arepa Dealers specialize in colorful toasted cornmeal sandwiches (arepas) filled with grandma inspired recipes. They also offer a variety of sides: empanadas, tequeños and tostones. All items are accompanied with salsas on the side :)

Pictured: Filipino Carnitas Arepa: slow cooked pulled pork marinated in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, ginger & lemon grass served in toasted cornmeal bun and topped with pickled carrot and green papaya

Filipino Carnitas Arepa

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