A dining establishment rich in history ( and flavor!), we are proud to call the Lone Star State home. In Napoli, food is never just food; it’s a celebration of life. Delicious, savory scents waft through the air in every neighborhood, and you can tell a family by the dishes they favor most, by the dishes they cook up and serve – with passion, with tenderness, with love. Bringing the heart of Napoli right to the heart of Texas, Amici is your opportunity to experience Naples for yourself. Serving fine, authentic Italian dishes prepared from recipes passed down through the generations in our region of Italy, we pour our souls into our food. This is Italian food done right, a truly sensational journey for the senses. Whenever you are in the mood for something rich, filling, and different, you know exactly where to come. We operate our mobile kitchen with all the vigor and enthusiasm of a big Italian family dinner, and we know what the meaning of the word “service” is – in more languages than one! Order up and say Buon appetito – or Salute if you prefer – and know that you are in good hands, that you can count on us to cook up real classics with nothing but the freshest ingredients.

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