When the pandemic hit, our global community faced a lot of challenges and suffered many losses. Businesses closed their doors, and people lost their livelihoods.

However, amid all the loss, there were also seeds of new growth. Mostly, there were new opportunities to stand up and help others. EDTG grew out of a community need and a desire to help and support our favorite local eateries.

It is well established by now that foodservice was one of the biggest industries impacted by COVID-19. However, what some people may not know is that restaurants were already facing economic challenges because of the way customers interact with them in the digital age. Delivery apps have become extremely popular in the last year or so. The convenience for the customer is undeniable, however, it comes at a price for the restaurant.

Food Delivery Service Totals

3rd party delivery apps charge restaurants as much as 30% for services plus an additional 10% for delivery. With already thin profit margins, it’s challenging for businesses to stay alive. We started Eat Drink To Go as a Facebook group to support local restaurants and encourage customers to take advantage of curbside pickup. The idea was to allow a forum to celebrate the neighborhood restaurants that have served us for years while also helping them through a difficult time.

Eat Drink To-Go FaceBook Group

The community quickly grew. It has been great to see so many people come together to support small business and share the love of great food with others. At its heart, EDTG is about positive promotion. We are a community of food lovers helping each other to discover great dining options while increasing recognition for amazing local restaurants, bars, and food trucks. These businesses have served us for years and we want to give back. By sharing promotions, pictures, and positive experiences about these establishments we can help foodies find their perfect meal while helping restaurants recover from a challenging year.

As our community evolves, we are proud to partner with Cheqout to add more convenience. This service allows people the option to order directly from We made this decision because Cheqout not only offers convenience but shares our mission. They do not charge restaurants anything for the service. By creating a community of food fans and making it easier to discover and connect with great restaurants, we hope to change the way we dine. Thank you for being a part of it!

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